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How ConvergentIS And SAP Have Put Focus on Sustainability
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How ConvergentIS and SAP Have Put a Focus on Sustainability

In today's day and age, sustainability has become a critical component of any worthwhile business strategy. It is no longer just a social responsibility but a business imperative that can impact a company's bottom line, brand reputation, and even long-term viability. According to a recent study, companies with strong sustainability performance are more likely to outperform their peers financially, have higher employee satisfaction, and attract and retain top talent. 

ConvergentIS and SAP are two companies that have recognized the importance of sustainability and are leading by example. ConvergentIS has implemented a sustainability solution that is affordable to smaller businesses that run SAP. They have also encouraged their employees to follow sustainable practices, including riding their bikes to work and turning off lights. Similarly, SAP has implemented a comprehensive sustainability strategy, which includes reducing its carbon footprint, promoting sustainable business practices, and developing products that help its customers reduce their environmental impact. They have also set ambitious targets to become carbon neutral by 2025 and use 100% renewable energy by 2023.  

ConvergentIS and Sustainability 

In addition to ConvergentIS's commitment to sustainability, they have also leveraged their expertise as an SAP Gold Partner to build a solution on SAP Control Tower. SAP Control Tower is a platform that provides end-to-end visibility across the procurement landscape, enabling businesses to manage and optimize their operations more efficiently. 

ConvergentIS is recognized as an SAP Gold Partner, with carefully crafted procurement gateways for indirect, direct and services use cases. Recognizing the increased focus on sustainability and the importance of their clients to meet mandates and encourage ESG excellence, the team has launched an add-on that enables SAP users to access all sustainability data in one base. 

From this dashboard add-on, teams could monitor their carbon emissions, water usage, and waste production, set targets and track their progress toward meeting them. 

SAP and Sustainability 

SAP is a global technology company that has made sustainability a top priority. SAP has recognized that their operations have a significant impact on the environment, and they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. 

SAP has taken a comprehensive approach to sustainability, addressing both its own operations and the operations of its clients. They have set ambitious sustainability goals and are continuously working towards achieving them. 

One of SAP's key sustainable initiatives is its commitment to using 100% renewable energy in its operations. They have invested in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, and they are actively working to reduce their overall energy consumption. Additionally, SAP has implemented initiatives to reduce its carbon emissions, such as optimizing its logistics operations and reducing travel through the use of virtual meetings. 

SAP has also integrated sustainability into its business operations. They have developed sustainability standards that are incorporated into their procurement processes, and they work with their suppliers to ensure that sustainability is a key consideration throughout the supply chain. SAP also promotes sustainability among its employees, offering training and resources to help other companies understand the value of sustainable business practices.

Furthermore, SAP is committed to helping its clients achieve their sustainability goals. They offer a range of sustainability solutions that help clients to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainable business practices. This includes solutions for managing energy and resources, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable supply chain practices. 

Future of Sustainability at ConvergentIS and SAP 

The potential impact of these initiatives on the environment and society is significant. By reducing their environmental impact, companies are contributing to a more sustainable future while also setting an example for other businesses to follow. Their efforts to promote sustainable practices can help create a more sustainable economy and improve social and environmental outcomes for businesses of all sizes. 

If your companies interested in starting your own sustainability journey, the first step is to conduct a sustainability audit. This process involves assessing your current practices and identifying areas for improvement. By conducting a sustainability audit, businesses can identify opportunities to reduce their environmental impact, improve their sustainability performance, and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Taking The Next Steps 

Sustainability has become a necessity for businesses in recent times. With the growing importance of sustainable practices, it's more important than ever for businesses to partner with companies that can provide them with the necessary tools and expertise to help them achieve their sustainability goals.  

ConvergentIS, as a partner of SAP, is an excellent choice for businesses looking to get started with sustainability initiatives. SAP's expertise in sustainability combined with ConvergentIS's implementation services can help teams streamline their processes and make the most out of their sustainability efforts. By working together, ConvergentIS and SAP can help businesses create a sustainable future while also achieving their long-term objectives. So, if you're looking to take the first step towards sustainability, partnering with ConvergentIS and SAP is an excellent place to start.