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Overcoming Scheduling, Performance & Customization Challenges
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Tackling ERP Challenges: Scheduling, Performance & Customization

There’s very little room for error in the manufacturing industry. 

An unexpected change, a production bottleneck, the wrong software for a task – any setback can put you behind schedule and behind your competition. 

In part one of our three-part ERP blog series, we discussed how to tackle unbalanced inventory and high logistics and procurement costs. This time, we’re showing you the keys to solving for scheduling challenges and poor on-time performance. Plus, we’ll tackle the lack of tailored app configuration in most ERP systems.

Poor Scheduling & On-Time Performance 

Without high-quality data integrated from multiple sources, you’re essentially guessing where to allocate your results for maximum efficiency. Siloed data hinders your ability to effectively coordinate staff and inventory to eliminate waste and bottlenecks, keeping you from delivering a quality product on time, every time. A lack of easy-to-understand data also holds your manufacturing plant back from optimizing your processes with confidence and visibility. 

ConvergentIS’ SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for Manufacturing solution helps you eliminate data silos to better manage resources across your manufacturing plant. Automatically check resource availability to streamline your production scheduling and improve on-time delivery. Our ERP system also helps you eliminate the uncertainty around changes to your processes by allowing you to predict the effects of changes, decisions, and disruptions across production steps. 

Lack of Customization  

You wouldn’t package an item in a box that’s three sizes too big – or too small. When things fit together, everything flows more smoothly and you save money. So why settle for an ERP that doesn’t actually fit your business? An out-of-the-box solution might meet some of your needs, but limited options mean limited space for you to grow and innovate. You might end up spending millions and not seeing much in the way of returns. 

ConvergentIS offers a full suite of applications that can live on the SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud platform to extend core capabilities. We are also a member of the SAP AppHaus Network, a co-innovation space in which customers, SAP, and end-users work collaboratively on projects. ConvergentIS offers Design Thinking workshops to ensure user needs are met early on by digging deep into what users really need – not just what they say they want – and making it a reality. 

Steer into the Future with SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for Manufacturing   

You can’t stay competitive for long when you’re constantly working around ERP challenges. ConvergentIS works with discrete manufacturing organizations to build a solution that’s molded to your operations and delivers long-term ROI. Our SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud for Manufacturing solution offers a strategic approach to large migrations and total system overhauls with first-class delivery, implementation and integration.

Contact us today to talk about building your perfect-fit ERP solution. 

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