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Accelerating the Requisitioning Process with SAP Fiori
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Accelerating the Requisitioning Process with SAP Fiori

Whether you belong to a purchasing team, procurement department, or simply an employee making a purchase, chances are you're adhering to a requisition process. While there's no universal blueprint for initiating this process, establishing a functional framework is crucial for facilitating smooth and informed purchasing decisions within most companies.

What Is A Purchase Requisition?

A purchase requisition (PR) serves as a formal request for acquiring a good or service within a company. Initiated by an employee seeking to make a purchase, the PR submission typically entails completing a purchase requisition form. This form includes detailed specifications such as the description of the needed item, budget allocation, department information, and any pertinent agreements or data necessary for the approval process. Each PR is assigned an official requisition number, facilitating tracking throughout the procurement process.

The requirement for a purchase requisition is often driven by the need for a structured system to route requests to the appropriate approvers. Upon approval of the PR, a purchase order form can be generated, leading to the issuance of an official purchase order along with a unique PO number. This systematic approach ensures accountability and clarity in the procurement workflow.

The Different Steps In The Purchase Requisition Process

Understanding the intricacies of the purchase requisition process lays a solid foundation for an efficient procurement system.

Submission of Purchase Request

Employees in need of a purchase initiate the process by submitting a detailed purchase request, ensuring all pertinent information is provided to assess the necessity and legitimacy of the purchase.

Review by Appropriate Approvers

The purchase requisition undergoes scrutiny by designated approvers based on factors such as department, cost, and specific requirements.

Approval and Purchase Order (PO) Generation

Upon approval, the requisition transitions into a purchase order, enabling the sourcing and selection of trusted suppliers. The generated PO is dispatched to the supplier, typically outlining delivery timelines.

How Can This Process Be Accelerated With SAP Fiori

Users can utilize this app to seamlessly generate purchase requisitions within SAP S/4HANA, benefiting from a range of key features. These include the ability to create new purchase requisitions, search for existing ones, and display a comprehensive list of current requisitions. Additionally, users can efficiently copy and modify existing requisitions as per their requirements, assign sources of supply, and monitor the status of requisitions, including approval details and document history.

Furthermore, the app facilitates the creation, editing, and display of additional procurement-related information through text notes, as well as offers visibility into the process flow to track completed steps within the procurement process.


Accelerating the Requisitioning Process with SAP Fiori ConvergentIS Whitepaper