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SAP Asset Manager for SAP ERP
4 min read

5 Questions to Ask Before Deploying SAP Asset Manager for SAP ERP

After comparing SAP Work Manager vs. SAP Asset Manager, it is no doubt you have begun to think more critically about your business and if this offering will improve the way your business operates. SAP Asset Manager has been adopted by many companies who already leverage other Software-as-a-Service products and are looking at models that allow for integration. SAP has tailored this product to improving user experience, which is linked to higher user adoption for fieldworkers. In this blog post, we will do a deeper dive into SAP Asset Manager and how your business can use it. 

1. What is SAP Asset Manager? 

Before determining which solution makes the most sense for your business goals, you might be asking, "exactly what is SAP Asset Manager?" SAP Asset Manager aims to support highly skilled workers who maintain enterprise assets with complex information and business logic. This includes employees connected to their SAP system directly or those working in offline environments.  

This asset management mobile application leverages the capabilities of S/4HANA/SAP ECC and SAP Cloud Platform to provide mobile access to data visualizations and organization insights. With an increased focus on user experience combined with full-featured capability, businesses can manage assets from end-to-end in an easy and timely fashion. Users can use this application on both iOS and Android devices. 

Businesses can further leverage SAP Asset Manager by adding and building additional solutions through SAP Cloud Platform(SCP) and SAP Mobile MDK. The "build" ability can provide businesses with tailored capabilities for end-users. 

2. Why Should My Business Deploy SAP Asset Manager? 

Your team is one of the most valuable resources you have. Therefore, ensuring they are equipped with the best tools and information available is key to the overall success of your business. As you might have noticed, field technicians, maintenance employees, plant personnel and manufacturing workers don’t necessarily work from a desktop computer. Finding the right tools to empower these employees to execute their jobs safely and ensure your assets are properly maintained means finding a tool that offers a variety of features and allows team members to work on the go. While an SAP asset management tool (SAP Work Manager or SAP Asset Manager) will provide these benefits to your team, two key statistics illustrate the value in making the transition to (or deploying) SAP Asset Manager.   

10-15% - Reduction in Service & Maintenance cost 

Through improved operational efficiency and risk-based asset lifecycle costing 

5-10% - Decreased unplanned Asset Downtime 

This helps organizations improve maintenance by allowing them to plan, share, visualize, compare, modify, review, and approve asset data among different systems. 

3. What Are The Potential Use Cases For SAP Asset Manager? 

Comparing the features of these two solutions can be great from a technical perspective, but what we haven't answered yet is what problems SAP Asset Manager can help you solve. At a base level, this offering is beneficial for businesses where:  

  • Asset maintenance is complicated and facing expansion without a budget for more technicians to support it 

  • Assets and technicians are spread out over a large geographical area 

  • There is an increase in regulations for asset maintenance and associated rising costs 

  • Infrastructure is ageing, nearing the end of support, and not offering competitive capabilities 

Organizations can also leverage other extensions developed by SAP and their partners to address specific business needs. 

4. What Prerequisites Are Required to Deploy SAP Asset Manager? 

Your business might be avoiding a new asset management solution until you have made the transition to SAP S/4HANA . What your team might not know is that this may not be necessary. In most cases, SAP Asset Manager can be used with an up-to-date ECC system, which can be later moved over to SAP S/4HANA when your business is ready. 

Additionally, the deployment of SAP Asset Manager is relatively low risk and can even be done remotely by experts!  

5. Where Can I Get Support For Deploying SAP Asset Manager? 

Deploying a new asset management solution might sound out of reach, especially if your business has a complicated backend structure. SAP Asset Manager offers additional business benefits, including a short deployment time with faster time to realize a return on investment (ROI). Cloud-based offerings also result in fewer maintenance costs since product updates and enhancements are taken care of on the cloud. Existing investments in SAP Work Manager configurations can also be reused using the ConvergentIS rapid transformation solution.  

As a net new customer, it can be hard to integrate this solution into your business from scratch. Recognizing this in our own community, we created an SAP Qualified Partner Package that takes assembled-to-order features and pairs them with customizable options to tailor processes to your business. Our qualified partner packages are just one of the ways we can help your business make the most of asset management in SAP at a frugally innovative price.