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SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition
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Improving Efficiency with SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition

One of the largest cities in Canada can superintend another good school year not only for students but also for their staff with their new SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition solution. After working alongside this school district, our team was inspired by their aim to provide a safe environment for Canadians to be educated. After all, this is no small task. The board serves 247,000 students in 583 schools across their district. This is in addition to the 130,000 life-long learners in their Adult and Continuing Education programs. While the immediate heroes that come to mind from this team would include the teachers and support staff, we couldn’t overlook some of the behind the scene heroes.  

Since the school board is responsible for the property management of their buildings, a dedicated team was put in place to maintain the safety of these structures. This team of skilled labourers varied from electricians to plumbers to anything in between. Their contributions were essential to the school board and their time needed to be accounted for accordingly. 

Time Better Spent 

With 600 skilled labourers being sent to different properties tracking these activities was an intricate project that required a lot of planning. As a result, the school board was finding it inefficient and frustrating at the end of the month to consolidate the hours spent and re-enter the data into their ERP system. Their old process required numerous manual tasks, including creating the work order for client maintenance, printing them off, and handing them out to clients. The contractor would then have to manually record the actual time spent on the job. This time would then be returned to the school district to enter back into SAP so these workers could be paid.  

While this process might have been okay with a smaller team, it seemed that lots of time were being wasted with the increased scale. 

SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition Solution

The thing was the school board already had good tools in their pocket like SAP, but they had only recently recognized they had not leveraged it to its full potential. As a result, they had begun to research other alternatives. It was then they had come across Work Manager. The Work Manager application seemed like a good alternative since it provides workers with information for their job both online and offline also offering visual work instructions when necessary and helping to accurately capture work progress in real-time. 

But settling on SAP Work Manager. The solution needed to have a minimal cost of ownership and demonstrate a quick time to value while incorporating many moving parts. This meant that SAP Work Manager needed to be deployed on the Cloud. With a good understanding of how their business worked, the school district decided it was time to hire a systems integrator to help bring SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition to their business. The ConvergentIS team was quick to respond, knowing their experience was a good match for the challenge. 

A Solution With High Adoption

After implementing the software, the ConvergentIS team further recognized the added potential of this project adding a few minor custom configurations that would help to improve the overall efficiency. This was followed by some end user training that occurred over a two-week period with two short sessions per day. After this quick training, the solution and end users were ready for the go-live. 

With ConvergentIS by their side, the school board hit the ground running, deploying the new application to 600 field staff on their own mobile devices. What impressed us the most? In just a few weeks the team had gone from a pen and paper method to a completely online solution at scale. In a typical work week, 5,000 hours were being logged and tracked with the new Work Manager system. The once dreaded month end now had minimal data entry and the team enjoyed more time for improving the lives of their students. 

Save Time With SAP Cloud Solutions

Following in their footsteps, other organizations can continue to look at SAP Work Manager Cloud Edition and SAP Cloud Platform as an opportunity to run apps at a lower cost than ever before. This can help your business to save time on duplicate efforts and further improve its overall performance. All with automatic updates and no downtime like a comparable on-premise version. 

The best part, we had the opportunity to watch the school board come that much closer to unlocking the full potential of SAP. 

To learn more about leveraging a cloud solution for your business, we encourage you to talk to a ConvergentISer. 

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