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Standard vs. Custom Mentality Procurement
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The Standard vs. Custom Mentality Is Old School


In the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise technology, embracing change is not just about adopting new tools; it's about finding innovative ways to address your business challenges while maximizing your existing investments. Today, I'm thrilled to have a conversation with Dave Maloney, a seasoned veteran at SAP with 20 years of experience, to delve into the transformational potential of SAP's Business Technology Platform (BTP). If you're navigating the complex world of SAP solutions, considering the move to cloud-based systems, or looking to enhance your supply chain and procurement processes, this discussion is for you.

Dave's Background and Role at SAP

As we jump into the conversation, Dave introduces himself as an SAP enthusiast with two decades of rich experience. He's a true believer in the power of innovation and the value that it brings to businesses. Having worn various hats throughout his journey, from a technical engineer to an advocate of business outcomes, Dave understands the nuanced balance between technology and value delivery.

The Transition from On-Prem to Cloud

Dave highlights the dramatic shift from the on-premises era, where control and customization were paramount, to the modern cloud-based landscape. In the good old days, if something didn't work as desired, you had the freedom to dive into code and make it right. However, the cloud paradigm brings benefits such as resilience, robustness, and cost-effectiveness, albeit with some trade-offs in terms of flexibility. This transition serves as the backdrop for embracing solutions like SAP's Business Technology Platform.

Derisking and Agile Innovation

Dave emphasizes the importance of derisking projects and acknowledging the uncertainties that come with evolving requirements. In the past, customizations often led to technical debt and slower innovation. However, with the Business Technology Platform, companies can innovate rapidly and seamlessly without compromising the core architecture. This empowers businesses to address unique needs while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

SAP's Ecosystem and the Power of Partnerships

A standout feature of SAP's ecosystem is its synergy with hyper-scaler partners like Google, Microsoft, and AWS. Dave points out that SAP's collaboration with these partners results in a seamless integration that benefits the customers across various domains. This collaboration extends to the SAP Store, where a treasure trove of prebuilt innovations awaits discovery. Customers can explore these solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel and quickly address specific challenges.

Leveraging the SAP Store and Business Technology Platform

The conversation touches on a valuable lesson learned through a real-world example. A friend of Dave's, a CIO facing a complex issue, initially attempted a costly custom build solution. However, by exploring the SAP Store, he found a prebuilt solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing SAP ecosystem. This not only solved the problem but also highlighted the importance of the SAP Store as a valuable resource for finding innovative solutions.

Maximizing Existing Investments and Future-Proofing

Dave concludes the discussion by reiterating two key takeaways. First, SAP's Business Technology Platform derisks your implementation, providing the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements during your project. Second, it maximizes the value of your existing investments by encouraging simplicity through reusability and modularity. This approach ensures that as the technological landscape evolves, you'll remain agile and future-proofed.

Final Thoughts

In this insightful conversation, Dave Maloney sheds light on SAP's Business Technology Platform as a strategic tool for businesses looking to optimize their existing investments while embracing innovation. The transition from on-premises solutions to the cloud has brought both challenges and opportunities. By leveraging the power of partnerships and exploring the SAP Store, businesses can find ready-made solutions that seamlessly integrate with their SAP ecosystem. This approach not only saves time and money but also contributes to a more streamlined and future-ready enterprise.