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Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking
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The Ultimate Guide to Design Thinking

Despite the fact that design thinking has been present for about 50 years, it has recently gained more popularity as businesses have come to understand its enormous worth.

Design-led businesses have outperformed the S&P 500 by 211 percent over the past ten years.

This statistic demonstrates that businesses are firmly devoted to basing their technologies, goods, and services on people.

Then what exactly is design thinking?

Using the definition from SAP, design thinking is a five-step process starting with "Explore," a step where users look for innovative opportunities. The process then continues with the "Discover" phase, in which users attempt to gain a deep understanding of their clients and, more specifically, the client's end user's needs. Following Discovery, users will move onto the "Design" phase, a step where users look at creating a prototype of the solution. With a prototype in hand, teams look at "delivering" functional solutions that have productive use. Finally, with a process set for success, teams will run and scale their solution across a larger organization.

But what do these five steps mean when put into practice? We consider each in more detail in the free guide below.


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