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SAP Business Network Commerce Automation
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What is SAP Business Network Commerce Automation?

As an SAP customer, you will likely come across SAP Business Network Commerce Automation while evaluating solutions. As of February 2023, The Digital Supplier Network (DSN) has undergone changes that resulted in the rebranding to the Commerce Automation Foundation Option.  

So, what is this foundation? And why should your team care? We answer both these questions in the following blog post? 

What is SAP Business Network Commerce Automation?  

SAP Commerce Automation Foundation is a comprehensive solution designed to automate business processes between trading partners. It provides a robust set of tools and functionalities to streamline and automate various aspects of commerce interactions. With SAP Commerce Automation Foundation, businesses can achieve seamless automation of processes involved in trading partner collaboration, enabling efficient and streamlined business operations. 

Despite having a new name, SAP Business Network Commerce Automation addresses ongoing challenges in the procurement industry including complex invoicing and overall lengthy (and therefore expensive) purchasing processes. As inflation increases and the global economy approaches a recession, cost-cutting measures across all industries become crucial to staying alive, let alone remaining competitive. 

Therefore, you will likely want to keep reading if you are an SAP customer wondering what SAP Business Network Commerce Automation is in your agreement, you are not happy with your current procurement operations and are considering pitching an alternative as a strategic initiative, or you have any interest in what your competitors might be using, and what may quickly become a standard across the industry.

What Are the Benefits of SAP Business Network Commerce Automation for Your Businesse? 

The integration of SAP Ariba Commerce Automation is designed to bring efficiency and collaboration to your business’ commerce transactions. As an automation tool, businesses can use SAP Business Network Commerce Automation to streamline their purchase order to invoice processing, making it simpler to connect with suppliers on the Ariba Network. 

One of the key advantages of utilizing SAP Ariba Commerce Automation is the seamless connection it establishes between SAP S/4HANA, SAP’s leading enterprise resource planning system, and suppliers on the Ariba Network. By leveraging this integration, companies can transmit electronic purchase orders to their suppliers, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing the potential for errors. 

In return, suppliers on the Ariba Network can promptly respond to these orders by providing electronic order confirmations and advance shipping notices. This real-time collaboration allows for greater visibility and transparency throughout the procurement process, enabling businesses to stay informed about the status of their orders and plan accordingly. 

What Are the Key Processes That Are Addressed with Sap Commerce Automation Foundation? 

It facilitates the seamless transmission of approved purchase orders to suppliers through the Ariba Network, ensuring efficient communication and collaboration. Furthermore, the system enables the automatic receipt of digital order confirmations, eliminating the need for manual handling and ensuring accurate and timely order processing. 

The foundation also streamlines the handling of advance shipping notices from suppliers within the Ariba Network by electronically processing them into inbound deliveries in SAP S/4HANA. This integration ensures smooth logistics operations and improves overall supply chain efficiency. Additionally, the system automates sending goods receipt notices to suppliers, reducing administrative efforts and providing timely acknowledgment of received goods. 

Moreover, SAP Commerce Automation Foundation facilitates the electronic receipt of invoices from suppliers within the Ariba Network, enabling swift and accurate invoice processing. The system also offers digital updates to suppliers regarding changes in invoice status, ensuring clear and transparent communication throughout the invoicing process. 

A Long-Term Connection 

So, where does our team come in?

ConvergentIS, the provider of the Procurement Gateway, leverages Commerce Automation as a robust foundation for its offerings. With Commerce Automation as the core, ConvergentIS builds industry-specific extensions and add-ons that enhance the capabilities of the procurement process. This approach ensures a long-term connection and compatibility between the Procurement Gateway and the growing developments of SAP, and that any SAP users have access to the underlying capability embedded into the Business Network.

For those businesses who are looking at evaluating alternatives, you will want to start with a strong business case. Our team has put together a template for you to determine if your proposition is profitable. Get a free copy here.