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SAP Enterprise Portal to Fiori UX-1
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Enterprise Portal to Fiori UX: Pacific Drilling's SAP Cloud Migration

Pacific Drilling is a global ultra-deepwater oil and gas drilling service provider that needed to modernize its in-house employee and manager self-service experience. To help them improve their productivity, the ConvergentIS team deployed a new, user-friendly, employee and manager portal. Upon completion, Pacific Drilling would have one unified experience that would help unlock productivity and a great user experience for their locations around the world.  

Better Productivity for a Global Workforce  

Like any consumer-driven enterprise, this oil and gas company is committed to customer service and the integrity and safety of its operations around the world. In the last decade, Pacific Drilling has reached over $90 million in revenue and has continued to show resiliency in global markets. 

Pacific Drilling faced challenges with its round-the-clock field operations and office work. Their managers often need to juggle time-sensitive workloads, financial transactions, maintenance requirements, and supply chain processes across multiple time zones. This put a significant strain on their IT department who was working to find a solution to increase productivity across their internal SAP platform. Furthermore, the client was also looking to do a costly upgrade to their current internal SAP Enterprise Portal systems, but was it necessary to upgrade if it’s not the right portal solution? Pacific Drilling approached our team with a simple question. Could we enable their vision and deploy a host of new applications on a new portal for their users around the world? The answer, of course, was yes. This resulted in a transition to a modern SAP Fiori portal experience, made possible by solutions powered by the SAP Cloud Platform

A New Fiori UX Platform 

Pacific Drilling has been running SAP since its early start-up years and was an early adopter of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA. It was amidst an ongoing HR project a reassessment of their current SAP Enterprise Portal began, and Pacific Drilling was faced with a choice. Upgrade their current on-premise SAP Enterprise portal or reallocate those funds to transition to a new Fiori UX portal solution. The SAP Fiori UX enables quick, simple replication of user interfaces across multiple devices and operating systems. After reaching out to the ConvergentIS team, it was clear a new, unified, and user-friendly portal would help unlock Pacific Drilling’s potential and we’d be there every step.   

After rolling out SAP Fiori, Pacific Drilling began deploying SAP Fiori apps and smart business key performance indicators to provide decision-makers with contextual information anytime, anywhere, from any device. However, with limited application development resources, the team couldn't roll these out as quickly as they - and the users – had planned. Luckily for the client, our design and development teams were well equipped to design, iterate, and prototype new solutions quickly and easily. 

A Remote Design  

Since COVID-19 most of us have had a taste of what it's like to shift from regular office work to remote work. Day to day deliverables and projects come with a whole new set of learning curves. Luckily for our customers, we’ve been leading remote/virtual design and implementations since 2015 and have been recognized repeatedly by SAP for our remote design and implementation capabilities. 

The design process began with a remote design thinking workshop centered around Pacific Drilling’s current SAP Enterprise Portal and their vision for a more unified experience for their users. The design phase really dug deep into Pacific Drilling’s use cases to determine which parts of their SAP system touched the most users. This was a crucial part for our design team, understanding how they worked and what they needed to work more effectively would be key for designing the right solution.  

The ConvergentIS team worked closely and alongside Pacific Drilling’s IT director, business leaders, and lead IT Applications Analyst to help design, iterate, and prototype a new solution for their portal systems. Pacific Drilling continues to benefit from smoother more effective employee and manager self-service as they grow into the future! 

Looking to Make the Move? 

We are ever more equipped to help your business make the transition your business, employee, or customer portals to SAP Cloud Platform Portal and SAP Cloud Services. We know large technical moves can be stressful, but with the right team and the right solution, a transition like this can be achieved cost-effectively and smoothly.   

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