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SAP Fiori's Relative Positioning to SAP Screen Personas Explained

To think of Fiori as merely a user interface would be shortsighted. While many Fiori apps take advantage of the SAP Fiori UI5 user interface, SAP's design philosophy behind Fiori is that it should be interchangeable with multiple SAP user interface technologies. What Fiori is really about is adhering to design principles that emphasize role-based design as opposed to traditional monolithic transactions. A design philosophy centers on the user and the workflow steps one follows to complete their work, as opposed to approaching transactions in a transactional way; pun intended.

SAP has been very deliberate in providing design guidelines for Fiori and positions it as a design system instead of a point product. There were three fundamental design goals:

1. Accelerate and scale the design and development of enterprise software.

2. Follow a modular approach based on business roles.

3. Redefine the user experience by focusing on user tasks and workflows.

Ultimately, with an effective application of SAP Fiori design principles, companies can provide their users with a consistent experience regardless of the SAP technologies such as S/4HANA, SuccessFactors and Ariba.

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